Free 4 Day Conscious Leader Challenge

Sat Kirtan & Joti Ananda offer this unique 4 day experience to share their Conscious Leadership Year program with the world as the world needs you.

During these 4 days you will feel the courage growing within you to become the conscious authentic leader you would follow.

12 Lessons

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Why do we see a Conscious Leader as a Lighthouse?

Day 1: Replay of the Live session A Conscious Leader is a Lighthouse

Replay of the live session

Day 1: Workbook

Day 2: Repay of the Live session

Freedom comes with Commitment

Day 2: Workbook

Day 3: Replay of the Live session

Day 3: Workbook

What would love do? 

Day 4: Replay of the Live Session

Our Roadmap of Least Resistance to becoming a Conscious Leader

Day 4: Workbook

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